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Triple Beard Oil Bundle with Gift Box

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  • Includes Gift Box
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What a deal

So I've come to have a few of my favorite scents (and the wife too). This was perfect. I always like to have a mix around. My long beard dries out from work and these products always bring it back to its glory, before coming home and getting a long hug from the mrs. (I think she likes me for my beard)
Iron Dram and Cigarwood Oud
Lovers Garden (wifes most favorite)

Ryan M
Awesome Oil Bundle

The scents need no introduction and speak for themselves, I was floored by all 3. Since this review is on the bundle itself, I will focus on that.

This is an incredible deal with a nice gift box included that can be reused. The value increases especially if you're like me and ordering from outside the US as it automatically upgrades to priority shipping at no additional cost. I suspect this in part due to it being a gift box so timing is essential.

What I will say about the oils is that they have this wicked way of coating the beard and making it not only look but feel thicker. I have yet to try an oil by another brand that fills out my beard like these do. Because of this I highly recommend these oils for guys with thinner beards.

My only complaint if I had to nit-pick is that the scent in all 3 don't last at all as long as I'd like them to, but the feel lasts all day!

George Lewis
Awesome job

The beard oil is great. My favorite one so far is the warlock's spice. Thank you