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Full King's Torcedor Collection

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(3) 1oz Oils with Box and Official Seal
(3) 2oz Beard Butters
(3) 2oz Beard Balms

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Charley Mayo
Full kings torcedor collection

I've order $400.00 worth of oils butters and balms in the last 2 months to find out what I like more. And to be honest this is it love the seats and my beards not itchy or dry plus the butter and balms have the best hold for style so I'd say 20 out of 10

The bearded meb
Just do it!

1. The presentation is stunning.
2. The products are beautiful with frosted glass and sharp labels.
3. The scents are unique and amazing. The blackmint is my favorite! Goes in a little stronger (which I like) but airs out in about 1-2 hours to a good balance.
4. The oil is nice and goes into beard easy. Leaves a like more residue than some other carrier blends. But that's just my beard, likely from the fractionated coconut oil.
5. The butter has a great consistency. Breaks down fast in the hand. Good scent strength as well.
Thank you Renewed Man for developing these scents and taking the time to create a unique customer experience!