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About Renewed Man / FAQ


We’re not a huge corporation, looking to churn out the cheapest product for maximum margins. We’re a small family-based company, with thoughtful products. We seek quality first, even though it typically costs more than inferior options. Because we believe each Renewed Man is worth it.

If you’re not satisfied with your product within 365-Days of ordering, please reach out, and we’ll try to make it right.

We’ll even pay to get the item back. Once we receive the item, we can either give you a refund or you can get something else of equal or lesser value. Just reach out with any questions.


Ingredients & You - Equally Important
Let’s clear something up. Just because something is natural, doesn’t mean it’s good. If you have a pet, you know they do “natural” things all the time. Outside. On the ground.

So because something says natural or organic, doesn’t mean it’s pure or healthy. Buzzwords like “therapeutic grade” or “food grade” have no industry standard. That’s why we take quality so seriously at Renewed Man. We only partner with suppliers that:

  1. Are reputable, transparent, and committed to quality and the sustainability of natural products.
  2. Supply us directly. No unknown middle-man storage, where the product sits for too long. This ensures quality.
  3. Verify the purity of the product using standardized lab testing, preferably in a third-party facility.

By holding ourselves and our products to a higher level, and through precise formulation, we take pride in providing only the finest premium ingredients for each and every Renewed Man




How quickly will I get my product?
We try to ship the product within 1-2 Business Days. Since we work in small batches, sometimes we run out and need to whip up a new one. We'll let you know if there is a delay.

Shipping typically goes First-Class Priority, which is 3 Business Days from Upper Michigan for most US addresses

How much does shipping cost?
Shipping is a flat rate of $4.00, unless you place an order over $50.

What do you ship it in?
If you order 1-2 products, we generally ship it in a padded mailer. Any more than that, or with the gift box, we ship it in box with recycled crinkle packing material.

Do you ship international?
Yes we do! If the checkout process gives you any errors, let us know your address and we'll get the shipping system updated (if we can).


How do you make your products?
That's top secret! Rest assured, we take the utmost care in sanitization, proper care and storage of our natural products, so they arrive in top condition.

Where are you based out of?
We are based out of Michigan's Upper Peninsula, USA!