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Why and How to use Beard Balm?

by Jared Johnson July 19, 2019 4 min read

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If you're here, it's probably because you keep seeing Beard Balm popup all over the place. Grooming companies, Facebook, even on the shelves at Target or Walmart. Sure, you have a vague idea of what it is, but really, what is it, and why would I ever use beard balm?
Why Use Beard Balm
Ever had gone camping for a couple days, and your hair gets greasy? For most people, you ever notice that doesn't usually happen to your beard?
Introducing Sebum: your skin's natural moisturizing oil. Your body produces it to keep your skin from drying out, and to help keep your hair in tip-top shape.
Unfortunately, our bodies have a quality control issue, and most of us don't produce enough sebum to keep our beard hair happy. You're scalp products a ton of sebum - your chin, not so much.
Beard Oil is fantastic for getting your skin nourished right away, and for immediately helping your hair get some neccesary nourishment. But those thinner natural oils absorb and evaporate rather quickly, leaving me with a beard that is drying out by the end of the day.
And although Beard Oil does condition your beard, it doesn't do much to help when your man face-fur likes to stray (flyaways), or keep them fuller and more obedient (better hold) throughout the day.
Enter Beard Balm
Beard Balm has many similiar properties as Beard Oil, but it's more geared toward the hair, whereas Beard Oil is best suited to your skin. By adding some fantastic beeswax and butters, it gives it a bit more hold and volume. It also helps lock in moisture, and slowly feed your thirsty beard throughout the day. With Beard Balm, your beard won't get the mid-day snackies.
Beard Balm also has the added benefit of protecting your beard from stray cheetos and beer dribbles. Since your beard tummy is so full of natural goodness, it repels that nasty stuff and keeps you looking Beardiful.
What ingredients are in a good beard balm?
First off, you want natural ingredients. But realize, just because something is natural, doesn't mean you'd put it in your beard. Renewed Man prefers 100% oil/fat based Beard Balm. As soon as you start adding some synthetic ingredients, it's not as healthy for your man-fur. Be wary of alchohols, Sulfates, Parabens, Mineral Oil, Pigments, and Chlorine. These ingredients typically dry out your beard, or damage your beard hair cells.
Stay away from unnatural fragrances. Most Beard Balms use fragrance/parfum in them, which are sythentically dirived. Due to the nature of the industry, it's heavily secret and unregulated. Simply don't put them in your beard. Natural Fragrances take parts of essential oils and plants to get unique blends, so they work great to further expand on Essential Oils, but they can be hard to verify what exactly is in them.
Renewed Man only uses Essential Oils that are tested by third-parties to very they are exactly what they say they are; pure, natural goodness.

When should I start using beard balm?
If you're fairly new on the fantastic journey of giving your face an upgrade, you might not need Beard Balm. I would choose either a good Beard Oil or a good Beard Balm, but not both. Personally, I like the balm when my beard was short; it helped nourish both my skin and my hair. Either way, use something. Your beard will thank you for it.
Once you get a little bit of length, say an inch or more, using both beard oil and a beard balm can prove to be helpful. Give them a try, and see what works best for you!
How do I use Beard Balm?
Since Beard Balm is fairly thick, you need a way to get it out. Scraping your fingernail backward using your index finger or thumb works really well for this. Another easy way is using a guitar pick. Just keep one in your bathroom cabinet or dopp kit. If you have a shorter beard, usually you need a dime size or less.
Once you have a little bit of balm, rub in your palms to warm it up. Some Beard Balms have some shea butter in them, which naturally gets some small round bits to them, but they rub out really easy.
Massage the Beard Balm into your skin and hair, running your fingers through your beard, and running your palms downward to try to get all the oil off. Try using a boars hair brush to further brush your beard out, getting all the natural goodness spread around.
You can also use round brush, and lightly rub it in the beard balm tin, then directly brush it in your beard.
Though Renewed Man's Beardiful Beard Balm uses oils that absorb easily so they don't feel thick and greasy, they obviously an oil. If you feel a little on your palms still, just wash them off with warm water and soap. Your significant other may not appreciate getting a faceful of essential oils, so you might use a seperate hand towel or paper town to dry them off. Not that I would know anything about this.

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